Format-4 Profit H200 CNC Machining Centre

The Profit H200 is one of the best CNC units on the market and it provides us the capability to machine a huge range of materials quickly and with incredible precision. Whether it’s a one off item or a large production run we can deliver your product to your exact specifications, on time.

Excel 4-Axis CNC Lathe

Our unique, custom built 4 axis CNC Lathe allows us to produce highly complex shapes, without requiring them to have rotational, reflectional or helical symmetry. This allows us to sculpt any 3D shape generated in, or scanned into, CAD software.

Edge Banding

Edge banding is used to create durable and aesthetically pleasing edges during finish carpentry. We offer edge banding services for all sizes and shapes of board and can provide a huge variety of banding styles with a range of colours and textures.

Laser Cutting


We can cover all aspects of the design process from start to finish, meaning you don’t need to employ an outside draughts-person to see your ideas realised. We’re more than happy to work from any concept outline you can provide and to then work with you to iron out all of the specific details until we have a fully formed and manufacturable design. Our design suite comprises a broad range of the latest CAD software and graphic/modelling packages.

General Joinery

As our motto “Where technology meets tradition” suggests, as well as modern, state of the art manufacturing techniques, we also offer traditional, hand crafted joinery. With a wealth of experience we are committed to producing the highest quality products. We are experts in the manufacture of windows, interior and exterior doors, staircases, furnishings and much, much more.

Spray Finishing

Leisure Conversions

We work nationwide!

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